Quatre films (ciné-concert) - Barbican Art Centre, Londres - 9 mai 2010

Un programme de courts métrages au  

Barbican Art Centre à Londres

« the Home of silent film in London  »

The Barbican Centre

le 9 mai 2010 à 16 heures avec un accompagnement musical

La revanche du cameraman
The Cameraman's Revenge (1912)

Les Grenouilles qui demandent un roi
/ Frogland (1922)

La Voix du rossignol
/ Voice of a Nightingale (1923)

Le Rat de ville et le rat des champs  
/ Town & Country Rat (1926)


Animation and Silent Film:
The Cameraman's Revenge, L'idée
+ silent shorts (PG)

16:00 / Rare screenings of silent animation landmarks, with live and electronic musical accompaniments by composers and musicians of the Guildhall's Electronic Music Studios

9 May 2010
Cinema 1

The programme includes:

Berthold Bartosch’s L'idée (The Idea), with a score by Arthur Honegger, represents the first use of electronic music on a film soundtrack. After working with Lotte Reiniger on her silhouette animations, Bartosch went on to create this poetic, tragic allegory. Animated through paper cut-outs, the film concerns 'The Idea', represented by a young woman, who tries to spread her artist-creator's message. Based on the book of woodcuts by Hans Masereel.
France 1932 Dir. Berthold Bartosch 30 min.

The Cameraman's Revenge
Directed by the great pioneer of Russian animation Ladislas Starewitch, The Cameraman's Revenge tells a story of infidelity and hypocrisy in the insect world. A husband beetle takes trips to town for an amorous tryst with a dragonfly, but when his wife has an affair, the husband beetle takes his revenge by filming her with her lover, and showing the results in the local cinema.
Russia 1912 Dir. Ladislas Starewitch 9 min.


The Hasher’s Delerium
France 1910 Dir. Émile Cohl 1 min.

France 1908 Dir. Émile Cohl 2 min.

The Automatic Moving Company
France 1910 Dir. Émile Cohl 4 min.

Voice of a Nightingale
France 1923 Dir. Ladislas Starewitch 13 min.

France 1923 Dir. Ladislas Starewitch 9 min.

Town & Country Rat
France 1927 Dir. Wladyslaw Starewicz 10 min.


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