La Vengeance du ciné-opérateur - 33ème biennale de São Paulo - 7 septembre au 9 décembre 2018


   A la demande de Mamma Andersson, La Revanche du Ciné-opérateur, 1912, est projeté à la 33ème biennale de São Paulo du 7 septembre au 9 décembre 2018


33ª Bienal de São Paulo



For her exhibition, Stargazer IIMamma Andersson (Lulea, Sweden, 1962) brings together a group of artists that have been inspiring and fuelling her own production as a painter. The selection includes a wide range of references, such as 15th century Russian icons; the outsiders Henry Darger (USA, 1892 – 1973) and Dick Bengtsson (Sweden, 1936 – 1989); and contemporary artists, such as filmmaker Guvnor Nelson (Sweden, 1931) and fighter pilot and sound artist Åke Hodell (Sweden, 1919 – 2000). The participants share a common interest in expressive figuration and the human body. ‘I am interested in artists who work with melancholia and introspection as a way of life and as a survival strategy’, explains Andersson. The exhibition also includes a large number of Andersson’s paintings, presenting a vibrant dialogue between her practice and her artistic inspiration.


   Déjà en 2013, au Sven-Harrys Art Museum de Stockholm, Karin Mamma Andersson avait intégré ce film à son exposition « Stargazer ».


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La Revanche du ciné-opérateur, 1912, L. Starewitch, © Collection Martin-Starewitch