Le Roman de Renard - 12ème Festival de Film du Wisconsin - Madison - du 15 au 18 avril 2010

if - W1.gif Le 12ème Festival de Film du Wisconsin qui se tient à

l’Université du Wisconsin – Institut des Arts de Madison

du 15 au 18 avril 2010 propose :


Le Roman de Renard / The Tale of the Fox

en version sous-titrée en anglais

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The Tale of the Fox

France  | 1930 | 65 min | 35mm

Dir : Irene Starewitch,Ladislas Starewitch


Fri | Apr | 16 | 5:15 pm

UW Cinematheque


Vendredi 16 avril 2010, 17h15

Cinémathèque universitaire

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The Tale of the Fox

Le Roman de Renard

 (France, 1930, 65 mins, 35mm)

In French with English subtitles
Wisconsin Premiere

directed by: Ladislas Starewitch (IMDB), Irene Starewitch (IMDB)

writer: Jean Nohain, Antoinette Nordmann, Roger Richebé, Irene Starewitch, Ladislas Starewitch
cinematographer: Ladislas Starevich
editor: Laura Sejourné
music: Vincent Scotto
producer: Louis Nalpas, Roger Richebé
cast: Claude Dauphin, Romain Bouquet, Laine, Sylvain Itkine, Léon Larive

IMDB Film Info
Official Film Website

Although Wes Anderson based his acclaimed animation Fantastic Mr. Fox on Roald Dahl’s book of the same name, some inspiration for the roguish fox comes from this masterful film by Ladislas Starewitch, a pioneer of stop-motion animation. The story draws from classic animal fables: sometimes Fox’s tricks are harmless, like flattering Crow into dropping his piece of cheese. Sometimes they are troublesome, like causing Wolf to lose his tail on a frozen lake. His Majesty the Lion is obligated to listen to his subject’s complaints, and bring peace to his kingdom. He starts by declaring that everyone shall become a vegetarian, and then orders punishment for Fox. Widely considered Starewitch’s most accomplished work, and codirected with his daughter, it is filled with whimsy, genuinely inventive gags, and a contagious charm. Released eight months before Disney’s Snow White, it is the world’s sixth-ever animated feature film.  Special thanks to Léona-Béatrice Martin-Starewicz, the animator’s granddaughter; and Annabelle Shaw and Andrew Youndell of the British Film Institute.



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