Le Roman de Renard et Fantastic Mister Fox - Northwest Film Center - Portland (Oregon, EUA) - le 20 août 2014

Au Northwest Film Center de Portland , Oregon (EUA) :

22 août 2014 à 19 heures

Le Roman de Renard / The Tale of the Fox

Ladislas & Irène Starewitch

An inspiration for Anderson ’s FANTASTIC MR. FOX, this whimsical tale was one of the first animated features in cinema history and remains one of its most influential. Master Fox, the forest’s utmost trickster, harasses the king upon whose lands he lives with little recourse. Following a particularly wily hoax, however, the king orders Master Fox to be arrested and brought before the court. Featuring inventive stop-motion animation and beautiful black-and-white cinematography, THE TALE OF THE FOX is a masterpiece in economical storytelling. (65 mins.)

Suivi à 20 heures 30 de Fantastic Mister Fox, Wes Anderson !

Voir : http://www.nwfilm.org/screenings/57/601/#3375  

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Le Roman de Renard, 1941, © Collection Martin-Starewitch

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