La Revanche du Ciné-opérateur - ON BOUGE... ! 100 ans de l'art de l'animation - Amersfoort (Pays-Bas) - 31 janvier-3 mai 2015


A Amersfoort, Pays-Bas,


Kunsthal KAdE Eemplein


propose une exposition retraçant l'histoire de l'art de l'animation !


31 januari tot en met 3 mei 2015 : MOVE ON...! 100 jaar animatiekunst


31 January - 3 May 2015 : MOVE ON…! 100 Years of Animation Art


31 janvier - 3 mai 2015 : ON BOUGE... ! 100 ans de l'art de l'animation


Parmi les cinquante films sélectionnés pour retracer cette histoire de l'art l'animation :


Cameraman's Revenge /

La Revanche du Ciné-opérateur

de Ladislas Starewitch

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La Revanche du Ciné-opérateur, Ladislas Starewitch



La présentation de l'exposition !

In Move on..! Kunsthal KAdE immerses itself in the unique world of animation, both from an artistic angle as from the perspective of the ‘traditional’ animation filmers of the past 100 years. Film animators and visual artists using animation tend to live in two separate worlds, although each influences the other, directly and otherwise. This exhibition at KAdE shows work from both sides of the divide. It will include a selection of examples from 100 years of character animation, selected by the fromerNetherlands Institute for Animation Film (NIAf), a selection of work by visual artists and animators and a selection of work by talented students.
The exhibition will comprise different sections:

100 years of character animation in the main exhibition space
Fifty international film titles will provide the framework for a focus on a century of animated film characters. The selection has been made by Erik van Drunen and Mette Peters, both from the NIAf and both working as a teacher in the history of animation and as guest curators. This survey of historical, technological and artistic developments will be used to spotlight (once) famous and lesser-known characters from the rich history of film animation. The selection of film titles ensures diversity not only in terms of theme and subject, but also in regard to geographical spread, chronology and the various rapidly changing techniques and uses of animation as a medium. The presentation will also touch on various characteristics and qualities of animated film characters and on ways of approaching them. The wide-ranging selection is intended to do justice to the medium without overly restricting the freedom of the curators: not all techniques, decades and parts of the world will receive equal attention. There will however be a special focus on Dutch animation.

A list of fifty film titles is necessarily selective. In the light of the richly innovative and creative history of animation over the last century, fifty is a small number. Any such selection must be a matter of taste and convenience, subject both to the personal preferences of the selectors and, inevitably, to the availability of materials. This particular selection may well prompt debate: we hope that visitors will enjoy devising their own lists, encountering favourites of the past and discovering characters new to them. Dutch examples will include a.o. Loeki de Leeuw. International ones will include Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck & Bugs Bunny and La Linea.

Selection of visual art & animation in the smaller upper and lower exhibition spaces
A selection compiled by Kunsthal KAdE of work by visual artists who work mainly with animation. The choice shows a mix of the wide variety of possibilities for animation of painting, drawing, computer art, collage. With in addition, the conceptual approach: abstracting, citation and criticizing.

In situ works by Job Joris & Marieke, Serge Onnen, Bart Stolle. 


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