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   Venu d’Alaska Byrne Power est arrivé en Europe attiré par les marionnettes de théâtre. De fil en aiguille son champ s’est élargi aux marionnettes cinématographiques ce qui l’a amené à visiter Švankmajer, les frères Quay et Béatrice Martin Starewitch (courant 2012).

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  … “Starewitch is a big influence on the Brothers Quay. When I mentioned him to Švankmajer, he immediately corrected my translator who was fumbling with the name a bit. Terry Gilliam also owes him a real debt and considers The Mascot as one of the ten greatest animated films made. Tim Burton’s animated work screams Starewitch. And Fetiche Mascotte seems like a direct ancestor of Toy Story. And if Wes Anderson did not make a careful study of Starewitch before making the Fantastic Mr. Fox. I’d be really surprised. Starewitch, like George Méliès, is one of those seminal figures, an original, an inventor, whose work is still literally marvelous !” Byrne Power.

Ladislas Starewitch 

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Ladislas Starewitch devant quelques marionnettes du Roman de Renard.


 Byrne Power :  Facebook, 12 février 2013

   “Okay here it is! This is a two minute Teaser Trailer for the eventual Gravity From Above documentary. If you were curious and ever said to yourself "What's the big deal about puppets Byrne?" this should help answer the question.
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